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A Windstorm such as a Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Michael, Tornado, Tropical Depression and Tropical Storms can cause damages to your home or business structure. The resulting affects from these winds can damage the roof, walls, fence, shed, doors and windows.


After the storm passes and it’s safe to go outside. You can then start to mitigate your damages and start documenting the damages caused by the storm. Usually after a storm most homeowners have to wait for a roofer or a general contractor to enter their neighborhood because the phone lines were damaged. The prior purchase of a large tarp can be placed over the opening of the roof to stop any further water intrusion into the home. Take photographs of all the damages that can be seen and locate your insurance policy for reference. When your phone starts working again contact our firm, Azeem and Associates, LLC to schedule an appointment at your residence. We will gladly come out to your location and review your insurance policy and explain all the coverage you are entitled to under your policy. If your home had prior damages the insurance companies will want to verify the repairs were completed and proof of repairs will be needed. Obtaining all important documents in reference to your home will accelerate the claims process with the insurance companies. Azeem and Associates, LLC represent you not the insurance company. WE WANT TO BE YOUR INSURANCE PUBLIC ADJUSTERS IN FLORIDA.



Hurricane Damages

Hurricane Damages

Azeem & Associates, LLC Insurance Public Adjusters represents you against the Insurance Companies on the East Coast of Florida and the Florida Keys. Whether you are a victim of: 


  • Flood Damage

  • Fire Damage

  • Mold 

  • Broken Water Pipes

  • Hurricanes

  • Vandalism or Theft 


Get the best insurance claims payout possible for your property and boat claims.

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