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The handling of a Marine claim is highly specialized area in the insurance industry. Azeem and Associates have years of experience adjusting vessel that were damaged due to sinking, fire, hurricane, grounding, theft and vandalism. Our adjusters have the in depth knowledge on boat construction, electronic and wiring. Don't let the insurance company settle your claim and a few months later the vessel is in the repair shop for damages that should have been covered under the original Date of Loss. We handle claims for Mega Yachts to Flats Boats as long as it is covered loss.

Contact Azeem and Associates first to discuss your concerns before filing a Homeowners and Marine Claim with the insurance company. 


Boat Claims

Boat Claims

Azeem & Associates, LLC Florida Public Insurance Adjusters can represent you against the Insurance Companies on the East Coast of Florida and the Florida Keys. Services offered:


  • Flood Damage

  • Fire Damage

  • Mold 

  • Broken Water Pipes

  • Hurricanes

  • Vandalism or Theft 


Maximize your Insurance claim payout for your property and boat claims.

Give the experts at Azeem & Associates, LLC a call today @ 954-880-0355

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